Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Highline Grows in Queens

A Highline Grows in Queens

Did you know that there is a Long Island Rail Road track in South East Queens that starts at Forest Park and extends to the intersection of Rockaway Boulevard and Liberty Avenue? This track has been left abandoned for over 50 years!

Photo by Timothy Vogel (Pro-Zac)
How is it possible that a 1.5 mile stretch of real estate, a rare and very valuable commodity, especially in New York City, has been left untouched and out of reach in a neighborhood that could very well use this public space?


  1. This seems like a hard nut to crack, what with some people still licking their chops at the prospect of this defunct line being reactivated as a working railroad again. The history has been long fought and is still in a stalemate. I know you have the passion, talent and connections needed to get this thing going Anandi! I'm honored to be one of the people you see as taking an active role in your dream's manifestation and look forward to helping along the way.

  2. I have faced this opposition, as did my predecessors who have been fighting to turn this space into a park.

    I do believe that with strong community support, of not only the power of the people, but the business owners and those who desire to preserve the history of this space, we can make this happen within the next 20 years (and earlier, when the funding and connections come in).

    Thank you once again for your offer to help and for sharing in this vision! Your talents and views are very much appreciated Gil! Let's do this!

  3. Hey Anandi, glad to see someone take the first steps in making the Queens Highline Park a reality in the future. Over the past summer I’ve been mountain biking at Forest Park on a weekly basis as a recreational sport and one day came across the abandon LIRR tracks where I grew curiosity to know where the tracks would end. In lure of a small adventure I decided the next day I would come with a friend and hike to the end of the line and maybe explore some artifacts left behind from the old railroad. Even though there could have been the possibility of encountering snakes, bats or raccoons due to all the fallen trees and obstacles along the way I felt confident enough to get by with my current experience walking railroad tracks as a NYC Transit employee. At the end of about 2 miles just past the overpass of NYC Transit’s in service A line at Rockaway Blvd all that was left was a few scratches, some mosquito bites, and the experience of hiking the future Queens High Line Park. Anandi, as an advocate for more mountain bike trails in the city, you have my total support in making this project a reality as I see it adding great value to the borough of Queens.

  4. Anandi feel free to contact me as I have some pics I took along the way as well as some ideas I'd like to share.....your colleague

  5. Dear William,

    Thank you very much for responding and for your shared enthusiasm!

    You're much braver than me in going across the whole track. I haven't been able to do so as yet, but would love to and have been asking friends to join me on the trek. I wasn't sure if all of it was walkable.

    Please do send your pix and I will create dedicated post about your experience. Feel free to elaborate about your advocacy.

    Warm regards & much thanks,

    P.S. I tried to email you but it bounced. Please email me directly at aapremlall[at]gmail[dot]com