Saturday, November 19, 2011

Design for the Hood

What Do You Want Your Hood to Look Like?

"I wanted to mention this project as being important to people taking control of their own communities. Far too often, a group of "experts" are brought in to a community and then decide what it should look like, leaving the community to either like or battle from the weakest position about what was already decided.

People must STAND UP, envision, and DEMAND what configuration, services & uses the futures of their communities will have. Otherwise, you will fall victim to the power-brokers who are only thinking about how much they can make on [Y]OUR community. Bed-Stuy is the latest one to be the target of these forces. In addition, communities of people of color, in particular, have traditionally been altered, overrun, and destroyed by these forces.

STOP the cycle...STOP the infantilization process that keeps us begging for services in our communities." - 
Darryl Montgomery-Hell of sektor 6 kommunications

Darryl brings up a poignant topic on the issue of the control we have (or give up by default) when it comes to where we live and what we choose by voting with our dollars and our voices.

What can you do right now to inspire more community action?